• Safety Perf Grating

    SAFETY PERF GRATING (click here to view product details) Manufactured with a uniform pattern of large de-bossed holes surrounded by slip-resistant perforated buttons.

    SAFETY PERF WALKWAY GRATING (click here to view product details) Walkway-Ideal for elevated applications such as suspended walkways or conveyor catwalks, these channels provide safe, economical, slip resistant options for long span walkways.

    SAFETY PERF STAIR TREADS (click here to view product details) Safety Perf Stair Treads are the perfect option where slip resistance is key. The open pattern allows liquids and materials to pass through the stair treads – which enhances traction.

    Safety Perf Grating

    Perf-O-Grip Grating

    Safety Perf Walkway Grating

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    Perf-O-Grip Walkway Grating

    Safety Perf Stair Treads

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    Perf-O-Grip Stair Treads